Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Been 2 month plus since my last post. Dam long man. I am here to do some update. Actually nothing much. Everyday still the same for me. Wake up in the morning, prepare and head down to work.
But something to happy about is the BITCH in my office have left 2 weeks ago, but there is also sad news and that is driver (Tommy) have also left on the same day with the BITCH.
AND............................................. i am also leaving. haha. I have tender and last day will be 29th Oct.

Now i am slacking in the office everyday. I watch show from morning till i end work. haha. And also i can open my internet to the MAX. LOL. I am working very hard to find a job as well. Been going to interview but yet to be confirm. *sad.

Nvm. Try harder.
Tomorrow will be a fun and excited day. Cos...........we are going JB.. Plan to go last week to celebrate our 10 years of frenship but everyone not free due to camp. So postpone to this week but not everyone is going but nvm. It will still be happy to go to a new place. haha.

Ok. Lets not talk so much. i will post some pic that i have took recently.

That's all for the day, haha

Will update again when i am free..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Leaving again. 

Receive another news from 1 of my colleague (Priscilla) that she have tender and her last day in office will be 27-Aug-2010.
It is sad to hear that. Our group is getting smaller already and she is leaving soon.
This group of colleague is the best colleague that i have met so far. We are just like frens. We go out together, joke around. But when come to work everyone will be serious and finish it.
I have never have colleagues that is like frens. But happy time always pass faster. 1 by 1 is leaving.
First is Jess, she leave on 31-May-2010
Second is Andrew Toh, he leave on 11-Jun-2010
Third is Daphne, she leave on 9-Jul-2010
Fourth is Paul, he leave on 6-Aug-2010
and last is Pris, she is leaving on 27-Aug-2010
I use to have so many colleague but now only left Tommy and me, plus a more new gal call Dehniela. She is so funny, when she know Pris is leaving she keep asking me not to leave. Ask me to wait for her to work here until 1 year when she is here not 3 month yet. haha.
Use to have 7 people in our group now all gone. haiz.

Think frens other there tat have follow me in twitter will see me keep complaining about i am sian when i am at work ba. haha.
Really feel so bored. Feel the whole office is so death. There is not much people in office as all left and bosses have not hire anyone in yet.

Feel so funny. I am the first to join this company in our group. ( don include Jess as she join 1 year ago when i join) And i am the only 1 keep complaining that how much i hate about this company because of the BITCH but i am still working here. hahaha. Wonder how long more can i stay here as i feel i have lost the motivation to work here anymore. haha. Let see how things go in the future ba.

Wish me all the best.


Friday, August 6, 2010


I am unhappy. Seriously unhappy. Be it is work or relationship. Just sux. I handle both of it wrong.
I have never been so unhappy before in my life.
I don't know who can i talk to, i don't how to say, i don't know how to explain how i feel.
All can i feel is... i want to cry. My tears just keep coming out from my eye.

Tell me what can i do now? What should i do now?

I am lost. Totally lost.
=[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[ =[
Will i be the Happy me again? Where is the happy me now? i cant find you. =[

Monday, August 2, 2010

Broken Heart.  =[

Is this what i want? The decision that i have made, make me lost him forever. Is this really what i want? This is the question that i keep asking myself.

But yet to have a answer. He use to be the one i want for all. But why thing will trun out to be like this.
We are hurt. We both are hurt deep.

All i ask for now is time. All i need now is time. Please give me all the time i need.

i don't know what to say. My mind is blank. haiz.

sob sob sob...

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday night around 8 plus. boyfren call to ask me where am i and also tell me he hand a fall, i told him i just reach home. After 5 mins he called again and ask me Where am i? and i ans him again i am at home. Another 5 mins he called again and ask me Where am i? this time round i start to shout at him asking him whats wrong with you. Don fool around with me is not funny. And he say he is not he say he cant remember a things. I don't believe him so i scold him. Ask him not to play with me also ask him to go home cos he is stand outside his house don wan to go home and he donno why.

When he reach home i told him to tell his mum about it and he don seem like wan to say so i left with no choice to ask his bro to ans the call and tell his bro and also ask him to told his mum. At tat point that everyone start to panic and bring him to TTSH.

I never went down to TTSH cos his sis say no need to go down as it will be normal checking. But around 11 plus his sis told me tat he is admitted to the hospital and need to stay for a days. That is when i lost my mind and all i know is i need to see him now. So changed and took taxi down to hoapital. When i saw him my heart break. I never see him in such blur look. I almost tears but i stop cos his family and frens is there.
All we can do is to wait for doc. And they only do normal check and also give him a scan on his head.

We have to go home at around 1.30am plus i think. Cos is late den we cant stay any longer. When i reach home i break down. I was talking on phone with him and i told him i am scared and my tears just cant control and keep rolling down fom my eye. cant sleep at all force myself to sleep i think is 3am already and wake up at around 6.30am. Bathe and head to hospital again to knoe the result of the scan and also see him.

At around 11am plus. Happy to know that the scan is alright and he is discharge from the hospital. but also not happy cos the doctor did nth. All we can do is wait wait and wait. And the lump is still there at the back of his head.

Until now the fear in my heart still there. I am very scared to hear him say he forget, donno and ask me where am i. This is the 3 words/sentance that he told me when he is lost.
Show u all the picture that i took when i saw his blur face in the hospital.
and also don like any of my family, boyfren, fren to sleep on any of the bed in hospital.
i will go crazy and lost.

Here.. this is my blur boy.

DON EVER want to see your face like tat ANYMORE.

Take good care of yourself bby.
I will be with you 24 Hours lei.
and Don forget what you promise me ok.
Love u.
Miss u much.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Picnic @ East Coast on 27 June 2010

I know i am slow to post the picutre today but i am just not in the mood and don 't have the time.

A sat without you again. haiz. How long more can i take it.
Sleepy till 1pm. Can sleep longer since i haven nth on. But i choose to wake up and keep myself busy by doing a lot of house work so that i wont keep thinking.
And also do some editing of photo. Have done a lot since i wake up till now ( 3.42pm) I have not eat anything and i am not hungry at all.

Can anyone make me smile from my heart again??? I am not happy.. seriously not happy at all. I feel empty. maybe i am missing someone. Who? Him? or Her? or none?  Haiz.

Don't want to talk so much. Jus enjoy the picture. I will upload some here the rest can be found at my Facebook.

Company Trip to Singapore Gardren Festival on 15 July 2010.

Having Active day on 15 july 2010. Although is half day but better then nothing. At least we are out of office and no need to work. But when we are back to office everyone was like sooo busy.

Anyway there is nth much there beside looking at flowers. haha.
But some of them are quite nice. And lunch at Waraku. Treat by bosses.

Let the picture do the talking. Same here i only select some of the photo, the rest can be found at my facebook.

Going cycling with Heng Boon and frens later.. Hope is not raining.. Stay tune for more picure. haha 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All at once!!

My Computer die on me. I just wake up at around 1.30pm and wanted to on my com but it has the long "beep" sound and i see nothing on my monitor. So i went to ask my brother to come down and take a look.
And he say spoilt already, there is something inside the CPU is lose. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
I am dam pissed off. Computer at my house is very important to me and there is still so many data in my com that i have not back up. haiz.
Just SUX,  I am going to go for a repair tomorrow if possible. Hope it can work. Here my money goes again. haiz.

There is too many things happen on my for this 2 weeks. Relationship problem, friends problem now my computer.. ARGH!!!!!!
My Life just SUX.
Feel as though every step that i took is wrong. Totally Wrong!

Not in the mood to do anything now. haiz. Everything seem to be different from before already. haiz.
Hate the emo side of me but yet i am having the emo feeling in me for the past 2 weeks. haiz.